U.S.A. Token Butte America: Headframe Spirits UNC (594)



Token Coin

32 mm Dia

13 g weight


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Butte is a mining town, the Richest Hill on Earth. The first major gold strike in the area occurred in 1862; but gold, albeit the initial draw, was not the crowning mineral. No, Butte’s story is one of copper. In 1881 the Anaconda Copper Mine was purchased by Marcus Daly, and by 1915, the mine was the largest copper producer in the world. One of the most prominent remains of Butte’s mining days are the headframes – the elevators that would lower miners miles underground – now scattered across the hillside. Mining was a dangerous profession, no one knew if the tunnels would hold or if they would see their loved ones again. It was this constant fear that drew the community together. Fast forward to 2010, and it is in this community, rich in history and camaraderie, that Headframe Spirits has taken root.


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