DELHI SULTANATE Mahamad Sam -1 Jital AD1173-1203 Rare (1333)


Country Sultanate of Delhi
(India – Islamic)
Type Standard circulation coin
Years 1173-1203
Value 1 Jital
Currency Suri (1539-1545)
Composition Copper
Weight 3.28 g
Diameter 14.26 mm
Thickness 2.72 mm
Shape Round (irregular)
Demonetized Yes
References Tye# 185.1

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1 Jital – Mahamad Sam

1 Jital - Mahamad Sam - obverse  1 Jital - Mahamad Sam - reverse


Stylized horseman right

Lettering: Stylized horseman right


Stylized recumbent bull left

Lettering: Mahamad Sam



During the 12th cantury, the Ghaznavids were weakened considerably through their incessant warfare with the Seljuqs on their western frontier. The Ghorids were rulers of a small kingdom in the Herat area, who took advantage of this weakness … in 1151, their ruler Ala al-Din Husain, sacked Ghazna. Shortly thereafter, the Ghorids under Muhammad bin Sam, annexed the remaining Ghaznavid territory in the Punjab. Then, in 1192, Muhammad bin Sam defeated Prithviraj Chauhan at Taraori, thereby extending his kingdom almost to Delhi

Muhammad appointed Qutb ud-Din Aibak as his viceroy in northern India, and Aibak, in the same year, took Delhi from the Chauhans, making it his capital. When Muhammad died in 1206, Aibak became independent of Ghorid overlordship. He himself died the following year, and was succeeded by his son Aram Shah. However, the nobles in Delhi did not accept Aram Shah as their leader, electing instead Aibak’s son-in-law and slave Iltutmish. Iltutmish defeated Aram Shah and thereby established the “Slave Dynasty” as the rulers of the Delhi Sultanate.

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